Radiant heaters in the right application are a awesome product.  If you have a high ceiling garage or shop this might be your perfect fit.  Melting snow off your snow machines take no time.  Check out our radiant heater pricing.

Residential Unit Heater Options

A garage heater is a truly man's best friend.  Make your heated garage into more usable space for your home.  Now you can host party's, store hockey equipment and have a warm vehicle every morning.  My customers have told me a warm garage is the best thing they've done. This also would be the perfect Christmas or Fathers day gift for the husband.  Check out my pricing below which includes, the heater, venting, permits, 25' gas line and fittings.

The everyday operation for your business depends on a heated garage or heated shop in winter.  Check out my commercial unit heater line and installation and installation prices.  Prices don't include electrical and scissor lift.

Garage Heaters and or Unit heaters

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Commercial radiant heaters make sense in shops.  Heating the objects in a area will have a quicker heat recovery when the large overhead doors open on those cold days. 

Unit heaters are the practical method to heating a garage or work space.  The main reason for this is safety and minimum distances to combustibles.  You can tightly fit a heater against the ceiling or corner of garage and comply to all codes avoiding over heating of vehicle paint, walls or garage storage.  Have a look at my pricing.

Commercial Unit Heater Options

Commercial Radiant Heater Options

Residential Radiant Heater Options