Below you will find a list of tubs with surrounds I recommend for basement, or upstairs renovations.  This is the only style tub with surround I will install in a renovation, simply because they fit through doors and walls don't need to be removed to attach surrounds correctly. These tubs have no silicone and click together tightly for a sound worry/leak free installation.  NO SILICONE!!  Make sure to click the button for specifications.

Below are some basic tub/shower trim options.  If you require "shower only," pricing can be adjusted.  Also keep in mind the options don't end here. Contact me and we can discuss any style you are trying to achieve.



Toilet can be taken for granted, keep in mind they get used on average 6 times a day per person in the house.  Do you want something dependable?  Check out some of the selection below.  All pricing includes the upgraded slow closing seat.




My suggestions for faucets are simple. Single hole vs. 3 hole faucets? Square look vs. round look?  Chrome vs. Stainless vs. Brushed Nickle?  Options are unlimited, but here is a start.


Sometimes a upgrade to a leaking faucet is better then a repair and it just looks better.  Make your kitchen better!!


When a customer asks me what type of sink they should have, my simple suggestion is "do you want a square look or round?''  Nothing has changed.  Have a look!!​

Choosing plumbing fixtures in Saskatoon can be a hassle.  This page was designed to help with any basement or upstairs renovation. Our plumbing services will ease any renovation.  I have selected a small sample of fixtures based on price , and popularity to likely match existing plumbing in Saskatoon and area.  If you can't find something from my list you can simply contact Carrie at the show room and she can provide 1000's of options and suggestions.  Make sure to say its through Notable Mechanical so I can provide my special pricing.  Good Luck!!

  • Carrie @ The Ensuite on Millar.  Ph. # 306-652-7474, call to set up an appointment

Soaker tubs work great for comfort, these tubs can fit anywhere but will need a tile to finish the surround, here are some common options, all tubs are priced with chrome clicker stops.  If you want to see more options, please view at show room where Carrie will be happy to help you.  Just call 306-652-7474 to set up a appointment (ask for Carrie).  Make sure to say you are wanting Notable Mechanical to do the work so I can provide my special pricing.

If you just want a shower base. Cool!  Here are some options.  Your biggest factor will be the size of base you require to fill the area in bathroom.  Also if the existing plumbing is roughed in for a shower or tub or if infloor heat piping is installed if drain location has to be moved.


​​ Plumbing Fixtures In Saskatoon and Area Made Easy

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