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  • Summary of Cross Connection Control

A Cross Connection is a connection between the City's drinking water supply and a potentially polluted or contaminated source. .  

For example: 

a hose attached to a pesticide spray bottle
leaving the end of a hose in a paddling pool while filling it.

If a drop in water pressure occurs, the hose could act as a siphon and suck contaminants into your water supply. This makes the water unsafe to drink and dangerous for you, your family, and your neighbours. There are easy and simple ways to prevent this; see tips below. The City is also working with commercial and industrial water users to help keep our water safe. The Cross Connection Control Program operates as a premise program to protect the city's water distribution system.

The Cross Connection Control Inspectors maintain public safety by ensuring that proper backflow prevention devices are installed and tested to prevent foreign substances from entering the water distribution system.

Cross connections between water supplies and sources of contamination represent one of the most significant threats to health in the water supply industry.

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Plumbing service and Backflow Testing in Saskatoon and Area

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Yearly backflow testing is required once a year by a certified backflow tester.  These test reports have to be sent into The City of Saskatoon Cross Connection Department to certify resident water safety.  Below I have supplied my service rates for devices, (prices don't include repairs if needed).  Our testing calendar will insure a automatic yearly test of your device.  Please contact myself to set up a backflow testing schedule.

Plumbing Service and Backflow Testing​in Saskatoon and Area


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