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Water Treatment

  • This system uses an air pump to introduce air into water to oxidize the iron and manganese in preparation for filtration.  The introduction of air will oxidize the sulfates and reduce the rotten egg smell (H2S) and sulfate-reducing bacteria.

One Example of a Water Treatment System Needed Because of The Following:

  • 1040 mg/1 Total Dissolved Solids
  • Color
  • Touch
  • ​2.23 mg/1 iron
  • This is your best defense to bacteria, viruses, and some cysts. The ultraviolet light sterilizes all water which goes through your system providing a very safe defense.
  • Discoloration of plumbing fixtures
  • Now the water softener can be introduced, if we did not treat the water before the softener, then the softener would not failed in a short period of time. The softener will now allow you to use less soap and have a better feel to water.  But best of all "you will never have another bad hair day!"
  • ​7.3 pH

​Description of Equipment and Their Purposes

  • Smell
  • Specifications showed that due to the amount of iron, manganese and high pH from the sample a 80 gallon retention tank is needed to allow enough time to break down unwanted minerals and high pH.

  • 51 Grains Hardness
  • Finally, here is where the water will taste like bottled water.  Now you will have clear soft clean water to drink and you will taste the quality and difference.  Also if plumbed to ice machine, you will have scotch on crystal clear rocks!
  • 42 FAU Turbidity
  • .6mg/1 tannins
  • Taste

Who knew, right?  This is an example of a customer who only installed a water softener and reverse osmosis for his brand new house. Now this customer is surprised to find out his plumbing fixtures are discolored, and will soon fail if we don't treat the water properly, water still has a odour and bad taste, and he never feels clean from the water.  

  • Scale and Lime on Fixtures

This web page was designed to educate the customer on what steps and equipment is needed to provide safe drinking water.  This system design is primarily for a rural well application but some of these components can improve a urban water system.  Peoples sensitivity to water can give different reactions.  I am not a doctor and can't prescribe a water conditioning system to help with rashes, but a softener may help this health issue, or at the least providing softer water will improve longevity and comfort in your home.

  • 2.404 mg/1 manganese
  • Now the filters can remove the iron, high manganese and stabilize the pH, with the scheduled back washing and dependable iron filters the bad minerals and smell is now removed.

  • This 5 micron filter is designed to capture larger particles.  This device prolongs the life expectancy of equipment down stream.

Water treatment is a under rated overlooked issue!!  Most people don't know they have a problem with their water quality because to the owner, they are "used to it" and can't taste or feel any problems.  Treating your water is a wise investment for health and plumbing longevity.  The first step to determining how safe your water is having a water sample.  This can be done by purchasing any brand of bottled water from any store, emptying the bottle, and then filling this bottle with your water, then dropping off at Davies Supply, Saskatoon.  602-48th St. E.  Make sure to tell the technician at Davies this is with Notable Mechanical and I can provide wholesale pricing for your water treatment system. Trust the professionals who test the water!  Not your neighbor who says, "we have good water!"  Don't just buy a reverse osmosis unit, its very likely the water will have to be treated before the reverse osmosis unit.  Trust me you will be surprised!   Have a look at my list below to determine if you are at risk for bad water quality.